It was November 23rd of the year 1963 that Doctor Who first premiered on the BBC. And the many years since then have wrought their changes, writes the BBC:

Events on screen and off have shaped the character’s personality, their face changing to reflect Britain itself, and every version building on what has gone before. To truly understand Who, you have to know your history…

[T]he series was originally intended to teach children history as much as thrill them… [T]he Daleks were shouty miniaturised tanks, terrifying to a nation that had lived through World War 2… Scripts by the likes of Douglas Adams (who wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) leaned into the show’s inherent strangeness… Interestingly, the new specials and series involve Marvel-owner Disney, who will stream it outside the UK and Ireland, in turn helping boost the budget.
The article handily summarizes the last 60 years. (“Perhaps the

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