The e-discovery company DISCO said today it has entered into a long-term license with the international legal research company vLex to obtain access to its U.S. primary law library of cases, statutes, regulations, court rules and constitutions.
The company said it will incorporate the legal research data into its core platform to create a marriage of factual development and legal analysis, allowing litigators to analyze fact patterns against the relevant law.
“We envision a seamless integrated user experience, between fact development and legal analysis where litigators can quickly identify relevant legal precedents with similar fact patterns or analyze patterns based on relevant law,” said Katie DeBord, DISCO’s vice president of product strategy.
“It will allow lawyers to dynamically organize the facts of their case and applicable law based on what needs to be proven and disproven, and strategically interface with technology in a way that augments their prosecution of matters from start to

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