Today, I’m excited to introduce the preview of new generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities within Amazon CodeCatalyst that accelerate software delivery using Amazon Q.
Accelerate feature development – The feature development capability in Amazon Q can help you accelerate the implementation of software development tasks such as adding comments and READMEs, refining issue descriptions, generating small classes and unit tests, and updating CodeCatalyst workflows — tedious and undifferentiated tasks that take up developers’ time.
Developers can go from an idea in an issue to fully tested, merge-ready, running code with only natural language inputs, in just a few clicks. AI does the heavy lifting of converting the human prompt to an actionable plan, summarizing source code repositories, generating code, unit tests, and workflows, and summarizing any changes in a pull request which is assigned back to the developer.
You can also provide feedback to Amazon Q directly on the published

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