In what it described as a case pitting “real lawyers against a robot lawyer,” a federal court in Illinois has dismissed a law firm’s suit against the self-help legal service DoNotPay.
In March, the Illinois law firm, MillerKing brought the putative class action against DoNotPay on behalf of “all law firms in the United States,” alleging false association and false advertising under the federal Lanham Act and Illinois state law.
The firm based its lawsuit on DoNotPay’s claims that it allows consumers to “[f]ight corporations, beat bureaucracy and sue anyone at the press of a button,” even though it is not licensed to practice law.
But DoNotPay — represented by real, not robot, lawyers — moved to dismiss the lawsuit, asserting that MillerKing lacked standing to sue it in federal court.
In an order issued Friday, the court agreed with DoNotPay, holding that MillerKing had failed to establish standing because it had failed to

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