Thomson Reuters today delivered on its promise to integrate generative AI within its flagship legal research platform, introducing AI Assisted Research in Westlaw Precision, available immediately to all U.S. Precision customers at no extra cost.
It also previewed its coming integration of Casetext CoCounsel as an AI legal assistant across multiple TR products, including Westlaw Precision, Practical Law, Document Intelligence, and HighQ. As of today, Westlaw Precision users can directly access CoCounsel through a button in the navigation bar.
Starting in 2024, TR will begin adding AI-assisted research to Westlaw in markets outside the U.S., starting with the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
CoCounsel will also remain available for purchase as a standalone application, called CoCounsel Core.
In addition, TR announced the beta version of its integration of generative AI into Practical Law, a feature that will be released in the first quarter of next year.
‘Transformational Change’
All of these developments were previewed yesterday

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