I love Marvel movies as much as the next billion people, but in 2024—for the first time in living memory—the studio is giving us a break (sort of; we’re still getting MCU offshoots like Deadpool 3 and Madame Web), and I plan to take advantage of it by seeing some movies in the theater that don’t involve superheroes. Overall, the coming year seems a bit lacking when it comes to pre-packaged franchise blockbusters, and after 2023 proved that audiences have more of an appetite for Barbenheimer and less of one for The Flash, that’s definitely not a bad thing. Certainly I’m hoping the respite from Marvel/DC fare will allow some of the year’s other releases more breathing room. Or maybe we’ll just see Deadpool 3 and call it a year, retreating to our streaming caves. But hopefully not—and in that spirit, and for your watchlist-planning convenience, here’s a list of

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