Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is the greatest story about Christmas ever written—even better than the one with Mary and Joseph and the manger. The 1843 tale of a miser browbeaten by self-righteous ghosts is (probably) the most filmed story of all time. Dozens of cinematic adaptations of A Christmas Carol have been released in theaters and on TV since Scrooge; or Marley’s Ghost came out in 1901. Hundreds or thousands if you count re-imaginings and very special episodes of sitcoms. But which version is the very best?I’ve carefully considered every major theatrical and TV adaptation of A Christmas Carol and rated each in terms of holiday spirit, Dickensian whimsy, and Scrooge-osity to arrive at the definite, no-argument-possible best-to-worst list of Christmas Carols. To rank Christmas Carols, you have to decide what A Christmas Carol is to you. My criteria for inclusion: It has to be full-length (at least around an

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