The API tokens of tech giants Meta, Microsoft, Google, VMware, and more have been found exposed on Hugging Face, opening them up to potential supply chain attacks. From a report: Researchers at Lasso Security found more than 1,500 exposed API tokens on the open source data science and machine learning platform — which allowed them to gain access to 723 organizations’ accounts. In the vast majority of cases (655), the exposed tokens had write permissions granting the ability to modify files in account repositories. A total of 77 organizations were exposed in this way, including Meta, EleutherAI, and BigScience Workshop – which run the Llama, Pythia, and Bloom projects respectively.

The three companies were contacted by The Register for comment but Meta and BigScience Workshop did not not respond at the time of publication, although all of them closed the holes shortly after being notified. Hugging Face is akin to

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