Today in the LawSites video series How It Works, we get a demonstration of AutoNDA, a free software platform developed by SimpleDocs to automate the creation and management of non-disclosure agreements under the open-source oneNDA standard.
AutoNDA is designed for inhouse legal and business teams that need to streamline and centralize the NDA process. It enables self-serve access for your business teams and gives in-house teams control over outbound NDAs. It also stores and organizes all completed NDAs.
Joining me today to tell us all about OneNDA and show us how it works is Preston Clark, the CEO and cofounder of SimpleDocs. He provides a brief introduction to OneNDA and then demonstrates how it works, including:

Workflow Designer
AutoNDA repository
Self Serve Access

Watch the video below.

About How It Works
How It Works is a sponsored video series that lets you see how legal technology products work. Each episode features a hands-on demonstration, presented by the product’s developer and

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