You’d be forgiven for losing track of where we’re up to with Microsoft’s AI chatbot—which, thanks to a partnership with OpenAI, is powered by the same technology you’ll find driving ChatGPT and DALL-E. Originally called Bing Chat and acting as an extension of Microsoft’s search engine, the bot has since been rebranded as Copilot.Copilot is quickly finding its way into Windows 11 and various other Microsoft products, and we now have a standalone Android app to make use of. It’s essentially a spin-off of Bing for Android, with the main AI chatbot functions retained and some of the other Bing extras (like news and shopping deals).If you’re curious about testing out Copilot’s generative AI capabilities on Android, here’s how to get started with the app and what you need to know about how it works. (There’s no word yet on a Copilot app for the iPhone, so if you’re on

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