Virtual reality is suffering from an identity problem. Users’ first experiences are generally awe-inspiring, but once the “wow” factor of entering a fully immersive 3D world wears off, you’re left with the question, “but what is it for?” Meta’s Quest 3 VR headset does not provide a compelling answer, but it does offer some intriguing glimpses at our possible VR future. It ultimately works better as a toy than as a tool, but it’s an insanely great toy. What’s improved about the Quest 3?Meta’s line of VR headsets are the only major stand-alone VR gear out, so the Quest 3’s main competition is the last generation of Meta’s VR gear, and the Quest 3 is better than the Quest 2 in every way but the price (the Quest 2’s new base price is $299.99, whereas the Quest 3 is $499.99) The 3’s display resolution is higher—2064×2208 per eye with a 90Hz

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