The deadline calendaring and matter management company LawToolBox has added new artificial intelligence features through its integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Teams that automate the calendaring of court dates and contractual deadlines.
With the new features, LawToolBox can read emails and attachments in Outlook, such as court orders and contracts, and extract deadlines and meetings. It then presents those deadlines within Outlook to the user to review and, if the user chooses, edit them as needed and add them to the user’s Outlook calendar, as well as to the matter calendar.
The new LawToolBox AI can extract dates even from handwritten court orders that arrive in their email as image or PDF files.
The AI also allows users to create new matters and appointments from a Teams chat and engage with Teams using conversational natural language.

With the launch of these AI features, LawToolBox becomes the first AI-powered legal application to be available in

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