Enlarge / There aren’t many online game stores where you can spend $48,000 on a single “Add to Cart.” (credit: RSI)

At this point, over 11 years after we first wrote about Star Citizen, the still-in-alpha game is interesting less as something that might eventually be “finished” and more as a fascinating tale of feature creep and fundraising success. To that last point, we were suitably boggled at the recent news that Roberts Space Industries is now offering a  $48,000 “Legatus Pack” as a “perfect collection” of “all ships released and concepted through [in-universe year] 2953.”
The collection of 187 ships (and hundreds of accessories like paint colors, skins, armor, and in-game posters) is now roughly two-thirds of the median annual household income in the US (circa 2022). But that price isn’t even available to lookie-loos like you and me; to add the package to an online shopping cart,

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