Enlarge / Michael Andretti wants to take his racing empire to Formula 1, but he’s facing resistance. (credit: Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

The Formula 1 grid will stay at just 20 cars for the next few years. Earlier today, F1 revealed it has rejected a bid by Andretti Global to join the sport for 2025. The move was not unexpected; neither F1 nor most of the teams have shown any enthusiasm toward Andretti’s entry. The sport sent out a lengthy statement explaining its reasons for turning down the Andretti entry but said that “it would look differently on an application” in 2028.
It’s a blow to both Andretti and its fans, but the move also signals increasing disharmony between the FIA, the sport’s organizing body, and Liberty Media, which owns the commercial rights to the F1 world championship.
Andretti Global first announced its plan to enter F1 last January, seeing it

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