AffiniPay, the parent company of a group of technology products for managing law practices and accepting online payments, including LawPay and MyCase, today announced the launch of AffiniPay IQ, its strategic initiative to embed generative artificial intelligence across all of its products and make AI a native component of legal professionals’ daily workflows.
AffiniPay is kicking off this initiative by releasing the first two of these features in beta within the MyCase law practice management platform. Going forward, it will expand its use of generative AI within MyCase and also to its other legal technology products, CASEpeer, the case management platform for personal injury practices, LawPay, the online payments platform, and Docketwise, the practice management platform for immigration lawyers.
“In the same way that cloud and the move to cloud fundamentally shifted how we thought about software and modern software and the ability to evolve it, we believe generative AI is going

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