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Demon-haunted computers are back, baby: Surely no one will ever find a way to abuse this security system that treats the computer’s owner as an attacker.

Hey look at this: Delights to delectate.

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Demon-haunted computers are back, baby (permalink)
As a science fiction writer, I am professionally irritated by a lot of sf movies. Not only do those writers get paid a lot more than I do, they insist on including things like “self-destruct” buttons on the bridges of their starships.
Look, I get it. When the evil empire is closing in on your flagship with its secret transdimensional technology, it’s important that you keep those secrets out of the emperor’s hand. An irrevocable self-destruct switch there on the bridge gets the job done! (It has to be irrevocable, otherwise the baddies’ll just swarm the bridge and

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