Most smart hubs mention “scenes,” a preset scheme you can set up with devices in that family—for instance, all the dining rooms lights going to 50% brightness for a dinner party. If you extend that idea, you can create a “cinema mode” for your house using automations. Not just the lighting: You can also set your devices to do not disturb and shut off the wifi to your kids’ devices. Heck, you can even turn on heated blankets and a popcorn popper, and you can do so with one button or voice command. First, make a list of what should and should not happen during this time. For instance: Living room and hallway lights offTurn off wifi to kids devicesTurn on cinema lightsSet phones to “do not disturb”Turn on smart plugsTurn on popcorn machineTurn off smart vacuumsShut smart curtainsTurn volume up on sound systemThese are just examples; your list may vary.  We can

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