According to a job listing spotted by AFTVNews, Amazon makes it clear that the company plans to ditch Android for its own “VegaOS” operating system. “The new platform is said to rely on React Native and would require new apps to be built,” reports 9to5Google. From the report: As spotted by AFTVNews, a job listing from Amazon was looking for a “Fire TV Experience Software Development Engineer.” The job listing’s description makes it abundantly clear that a key part of the role is focused on the transition from Android to the rumored “VegaOS,” because it quite literally says that’s what is happening, with Amazon saying that Fire TV is transitioning from “FOS/Android” (Fire OS/Android) to “native/Rust” and even explicitly mentioning React Native. The listing, which has since been removed, provides extremely strong evidence of Amazon’s plans, which is probably why it was so quickly removed.

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