Grammarly, the parent firm of eponymous writing assistant service, is laying off 230 employees worldwide as part of a “business restructuring,” the company announced this week. From a report: The layoffs are part of Grammarly’s efforts to advance its focus on “the AI-enabled workplace of the future,” the company says. “To arrive at today’s decision, we took a look at our organizational design and the current skillsets of our teams through the lens of our company strategy,” Grammarly CEO Rahul Roy-Chowdhury said in a memo to employees. “As we strengthen our focus toward driving the AI-enabled workplace and deepen our technical investments in AI, we will need a different mix of capabilities and skillsets. We also need to redesign our organization to improve the quality and speed of collaboration — and that means, among other things, restructuring roles and co-locating certain teams.” Roy-Chowdhury went on to say that the layoffs

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