The Instant Pot is user-friendly in so much as it is a safe, self-contained, all-in-one multi-cooker, but its user interface is not exactly intuitive. There are a lot of buttons, and trying to intuit what they do exactly can make one feel a little…pressured.What is an Instant Pot?An Instant Pot is an electronic multi-tool, wonder-child kitchen appliance. It saut├ęs, steams, and slow cooks. Most notably though, it’s a pressure cooker. The Instant Pot brought pressure cooking back into the average home cook’s skill set: What was once a separate bulky appliance infamous for being forgotten and then exploding on the stove, has now become electronic and notably safer. If you’re looking for recipe ideas, here are the first things you should make with your Instant Pot, and a few surprising ones too. Although there are now other brands that make similar “multi-cookers,” the Instant brand popularized this appliance, so the

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