It was a bathroom break that inspired Bradley Neal, a 3L at The George Washington University Law School, to develop a product that uses generative AI to help law students better understand and brief cases.
Returning to class after a visit to the bathroom, he had lost the thread of the case the professor was discussing. He had not actually read the case, only a summary, and when she asked a question about it, it involved something the summary had not covered.
“I’m sitting there thinking, ‘I hope she doesn’t call on me, because that wasn’t in my summary, and I don’t know the answer,’” Neal told me.
Fearing he might be called on, he quickly found the case online, sent it to GPT-4, and asked it the question, telling it to respond based on the text of the case. In seconds, he had the answer.
That GPT-4 could so easily provide answers to

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