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Kelly Link’s “Book of Love”: A deceptively quirky tale with rusty razors at its core.

Hey look at this: Delights to delectate.

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Kelly Link’s “Book of Love” (permalink)
Kelly Link is one of science fiction’s most important writers, a master of the short story to rank with the likes of Ted Chiang. For a decade, Kelly’s friends have traded whispers that she was working on a novel – a giant novel – and the rumors were true and the novel is glorious and you will love it:
It’s called The Book of Love and it’s massive – 650 pages! It is glorious. It is tricky.
If you’ve read Link’s short stories (which honestly, you must read), you know her signature move: a bone-dry witty delivery, used to spin tales of deceptive whimsy and quirkiness, disarming you with

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