Shell once announced it would build 48 new Hydrogen fueling stations for light-duty vehicles in California, according to the blog Hydrogen Insights. But then in September, Shell told the site they’d “discontinued” that plan.

And last month the Inside EVs blog noted that in all of 2023, just 2,968 hydrogen cars were sold “in the United States — and by that, we mean in California, where the series-produced models are available.” That’s according to data from the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership — admittedly a 10% increase from 2022’s sales figure of 2,707 — but with both numbers lower than 2021’s sales of 3,341. “The overall cumulative sales of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles exceeded 17,940 as of the end of the quarter (not counting vehicles removed from use), which is 20% more than a year ago.”

Then this week Shell said it will “no longer be operating” any light-duty hydrogen fuelling

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