The Academy Awards aren’t everything. Sometimes winning movies truly represent the best films of their years; sometimes they reflect a zeitgeist that winds up looking weird in later years; sometimes they’re just completely inexplicable. But let’s focus on the times the Academy has awarded movies that are actually pretty good, or, at least, reflect their eras enough to be interesting. Here are some of the best award winners currently streaming on Netflix.Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

This groundbreaking and absurd comedy-drama received the lion’s share of the love at the Oscars last year by blending a soulful and genuinely moving premise with some of the most wonderfully silly moments you’re likely to find in a major motion picture. It also served as a much-needed corrective to a movie industry that’s deeply self-serious, and also stiflingly blockbuster focused—give me a Marvel movie where a character travels the multiverse by leaping

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