On Tuesday, The Independent, Tom’s Hardware, and many other tech outlets reported on a story about how three million smart toothbrushes were used in a DDoS attack. The only problem? It “didn’t actually happen,” writes Jason Koebler via 404 Media. “There are no additional details about this apparent attack, and most of the article cites general research by a publicly traded cybersecurity company called Fortinet which has detected malicious, hijacked internet of things devices over the years. A search on Fortinet’s website shows no recent published research about hacked smart toothbrushes.” From the report: The original article, called “The toothbrushes are attacking,” starts with the following passage: “She’s at home in the bathroom, but she’s part of a large-scale cyber attack. The electric toothbrush is programmed with Java, and criminals have unnoticed installed malware on it – like on 3 million other toothbrushes. One command is enough and the remote-controlled

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