“Subscribers of both Disney+ and Hulu can now access Hulu content through the Disney+ app,” reports the Los Angeles Times, “as the Burbank media and entertainment giant launched its one-app integration of the two streaming services Wednesday…”

The move is part of Disney’s plan to increase viewer engagement and reduce churn on Disney+, which has 111.3 million subscribers globally. Disney has lost billions on its direct-to-consumer business as it tries to compete with Netflix, but the company has told investors that its streaming segment will begin to turn a profit by the end of fiscal 2024. Streaming losses have been a key component of a nasty activist shareholder campaign ahead of next week’s annual meeting.

Disney+ has typically served up family-friendly content and major brands such as Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel, whereas Hulu’s offering has been the streaming home of more adult-oriented programming. Disney executives described the combined app experience

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