Last semester, with increasing agitation in the media about AI’s potential impact on the legal profession, I decided to wade in and show my students a little AI in my law school classroom. The course is Advanced Legal Research.
The Experiment
I gathered up a list of interesting readings on the topic of AI and the legal profession. Many of them pointed to horror stories or emerging policies and guidelines in the area. Later I decided to record my findings in my AI Regulation LibGuide.
I made all of this available in an optional readings folder.
AI Panel Weighs In
The day of the class, I invited Shaunna Mireau from Alexi and Colin Lachance from Jurisage for a 20 minute virtual discussion about some general issues pertaining to AI and the legal profession.
We tossed around the usual questions such as: “Are the Rules of Professional Conduct ready for this?” and “Are recent court practice

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