The Baffler says a new publishing house launched earlier this month “brings Silicon Valley-style startup disruption to the business of books.”

Authors Equity has “a tiny core staff, offloading its labor to a network of freelancers,” and like a handful of other publishers “is upending the way that authors get paid, eschewing advances and offering a higher percentage of profits instead.”

It is worth watching because its team includes several of the most important publishing people of the twenty-first century. And if it works, it will offer a model for tightening the connection between book culture and capitalism, a leap forward for the forces of efficiency and the fantasies of frictionless markets, ushering in a world where literature succeeds if and only if it sells….

Authors Equity’s website presents its vision in strikingly neoliberal corporatespeak. The company has four Core Principles: Aligned Incentives; Bespoke Teams; Flexibility and Transparency; and Long-Term

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