Hotshot, a learning platform for legal professionals, today released the first five courses in a planned series designed to teach lawyers and other legal professionals about artificial intelligence and its impact on law practice.
The overall set of AI videos is designed to teach lawyers about the technology, its use cases for law practice, its risks and ethical considerations, its impact on different practice areas, and more.
Hotshot’s specialty is videos that are short and practical, accompanied by interactive quizzes and written materials, and the AI videos follow suit. Each is about 15 minutes long, broken into short sections of a few minutes each.
They feature a combination of scripted content with animated graphics and on-camera interviews with AI experts from law firms, corporate law departments, legal tech companies and law schools.
The courses released today are:

AI Concepts and Terms.
Generative AI: What It Is and Why It Matters.
Introduction to LLMs for Lawyers.
Limitations and Risks

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