As reported by 404 Media, the New York Times has issued hundreds of copyright takedown requests against Wordle clones “in which it asserts not just ownership over the Wordle name but over the broad concepts and mechanics of the word game, which includes its ‘5×6 grid’ and ‘green tiles to indicate correct guesses.'” From the report: The Times filed at least three DMCA takedown requests with coders who have made clones of Wordle on GitHub. These include two in January and, crucially, a new DMCA filed this week against Chase Wackerfuss, the coder of a repository called âoeReactle,â which cloned Wordle in React JS (JavaScript). The most recent takedown request is critical because it not only goes after Reactle but anyone who has forked Reactle to create a different spinoff game; an archive of the Reactle code repository shows that it was forked 1,900 times to create a diverse set

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