Enlarge / Chopping Yuzu into three parts was not a proposed legal remedy in the proposed settlement… (credit: Yuzu)

The makers of Switch emulator Yuzu say they will “consent to judgment in favor of Nintendo” to settle a major lawsuit filed by the console maker last week.
In a series of filings posted by the court Monday, the Yuzu developers agreed to pay $2.4 million in “monetary relief” and to cease “offering to the public, providing, marketing, advertising, promoting, selling, testing, hosting, cloning, distributing, or otherwise trafficking in Yuzu or any source code or features of Yuzu.”
In a statement posted Monday afternoon on the Yuzu Discord, the developers wrote that support for the emulator was ending “effective immediately,” along with support for 3DS emulator Citra (which shares many of the same developers):Read 10 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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