Tidal built its empire on the fact that it offered higher quality, lossless audio at a time when Spotify and Apple Music didn’t. Now that Apple Music has introduced support for lossless audio, including hi-res lossless audio, Tidal is changing up its game and ditching its Premium offering (HiFi Plus) in favor of a singular plan that blends all of its offerings together.This move will bring the cost of premium-quality audio on Tidal down to just $10.99 a month for individuals and $16.99 a month for family plans. That should put the service on equal footing with competing services that also offer lossless audio quality, like Apple Music ($10.99 a month), and it will make it slightly more expensive than the current lowest-tier individual plan that Tidal offers. The flipside is that you’ll get access to HiFi Plus music no matter what. This change will also do away with Tidal’s

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