I miss blogs. Don’t get me wrong: I write professionally for various websites, and I have an email newsletter, but none of them quite give me that blog feeling from the 2000s. The closest thing I’ve found is Mastodon. Maybe it’s the jankyness, maybe it’s the do-it-yourself mindset, but scrolling through Mastodon reminds me of old school blogs.As it turns out, I can combine my passion for old-school blogging with my love of Mastodon. There’s a simple plugin you can install on any WordPress site to make it part of the Fediverse, which is the network of social networks that includes Mastdon and, eventually, Meta’s Threads. Users of those networks can follow your blog and get all of your posts, right in their timeline. To get started, you need only install the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress. You can do this by heading to Plugins in your WordPress dashboard and searching

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