Linus Torvalds, discussing the AI hype, in a conversation with Dirk Hohndel, Verizon’s Head of the Open Source Program Office: Torvalds snarked, “It’s hilarious to watch. Maybe I’ll be replaced by an AI model!” As for Hohndel, he thinks most AI today is “autocorrect on steroids.” Torvalds summed up his attitude as, “Let’s wait 10 years and see where it actually goes before we make all these crazy announcements.”

That’s not to say the two men don’t think AI will be helpful in the future. Indeed, Torvalds noted one good side effect already: “NVIDIA has gotten better at talking to Linux kernel developers and working with Linux memory management,” because of its need for Linux to run AI’s large language models (LLMs) efficiently.

Torvalds is also “looking forward to the tools actually to find bugs. We have a lot of tools, and we use them religiously, but making the tools

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