Enlarge / Reddit user Kidipadeli75 spotted a fossilized hominin jawbone in his parents’ new travertine kitchen tile. (credit: Reddit user Kidipadeli75)

Ah, Reddit! It’s a constant source of amazing stories that sound too good to be true… and yet! The latest example comes to us from a user named Kidipadeli75, a dentist who visited his parents after the latter’s kitchen renovation and noticed what appeared to be a human-like jawbone embedded in the new travertine tile. Naturally, he posted a photograph to Reddit seeking advice and input. And Reddit was happy to oblige.
User MAJOR_Blarg, for instance, is a dentist “with forensic odontology training” and offered the following:
While all old-world monkeys, apes, and hominids share the same dental formula, 2-1-2-3, and the individual molars and premolars can look similar, the specific spacing in the mandible itself is very specifically and characteristically human, or at least related and very recent

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