Aspen Publishing, until the end of 2021, was part of Wolters Kluwer’s Legal & Regulatory information publishing business unit. Around that time, it was sold, for $88m, to Transom Capital Group, a private equity firm. A mere two years later, it has been moved on again, this time to UWorld, a US-based online learning business, which was established in 2003, by a medical doctor.
UWorld’s existing learning resources and methods are offered in certain undergraduate, graduate and professional environments, such as accounting, finance, medical, pharmacy and nursing, as well as for some aspects of US legal training. In 2023, UWorld acquired Wiley Efficient Learning, in 2020, Themis Bar Review and RxPrep, and in 2019, Roger CPA Review. Presumably, the acquisition of Aspen Publishing, for an undisclosed price, is to enhance the scale and importance of the operations in US legal markets and to acquire the valuable portfolio of law publishing within

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