An anonymous reader shares a report: Did your company recently send you a phishing email? Employers will sometimes simulate phishing messages to train workers on how to spot the hacking threat. But one Google security manager argues the IT industry needs to drop the practice, calling it counterproductive. “PSA for Cybersecurity folk: Our co-workers are tired of being ‘tricked’ by phishing exercises y’all, and it is making them hate us for no benefit,” tweeted Matt Linton, a security incident manager at Google.

Linton also published a post on the Google Security blog about the pitfalls of today’s simulated phishing tests. The company is required to send fake phishing emails to its employees to meet the US government’s security compliance requirements. In these tests, Google sends an employee a phishing email. If the worker clicks a link in the email, they’ll be told they failed the test and will usually be

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