The term “auth” is ambiguous, often meaning either authentication (authn) or authorization (authz), which leads to confusion and poor system design. Instead, Nicole Tietz-Sokolskaya, a software engineer at AI market research platform Remesh, argues that the industry adopt the terms “login” for authentication and “permissions” for authorization, as these are clearer and help maintain distinct, appropriate abstractions for each concept. From their blog post: We should always use the most clear terms we have. Sometimes there’s not a great option, but here, we have wonderfully clear terms. Those are “login” for authentication and “permissions” for authorization. Both are terms that will make sense with little explanation (in contrast to “authn” and “authz”, which are confusing on first encounter) since almost everyone has logged into a system and has run into permissions issues. There are two ways to use “login” here: the noun and the verb form. The noun form is

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