An anonymous reader shared this report from the blog OMG Ubuntu:

Ubuntu first switched to using Wayland as its default display server in 2017 before reverting the following year. It tried again in 2021 and has stuck with it since. But while Wayland is what most of us now log into after installing Ubuntu, anyone doing so on a PC or laptop with an NVIDIA graphics card present instead logs into an Xorg/X11 session.

This is because NVIDIA’s proprietary graphics drivers (which many, especially gamers, opt for to get the best performance, access to full hardware capabilities, etc) have not supported Wayland as well as as they could’ve. Past tense as, thankfully, things have changed in the past few years. NVIDIA’s warmed up to Wayland (partly as it has no choice given that Wayland is now standard and a ‘maybe one day’ solution, and partly because it wants to: opportunities/benefits/security).


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