This week, the agendas of people on X, right wing radio programs, and Disney fan blogs came together to form a Voltron of awfulness around a single issue: Disney canceling beloved Disney icon Tinker Bell for lack of wokeness.”Woke destroys everything. No wonder mental health is declining,” X user Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, LCSW posted in reaction to the news. “Oh geez,” political commentator/ghoul Tomi Lahren said on Fox New Radio, “here we go again with the political correctness overload that is literally ruining everything innocent and fun.” Ben Shapiro posted a YouTube video entitled “Disney Erases Tinker Bell.” (I don’t know what he said about Tinker Bell specifically because he starts his video by announcing, “There are two visions of Western society that are currently on the table—” and I had a stroke and died.)But is everything innocent and fun being literally ruined, like really? To get to the truth, I

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