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A free and open source ChatGPT clone — named LibreChat — lets its users choose which AI model to use, “to harness the capabilities of cutting-edge language models from multiple providers in a unified interface”. This means LibreChat includes OpenAI’s models, but also others — both open-source and closed-source — and its website promises “seamless integration” with AI services from OpenAI, Azure, Anthropic, and Google — as well as GPT-4, Gemini Vision, and many others. (“Every AI in one place,” explains LibreChat’s home page.) Plugins even let you make requests to DALL-E or Stable Diffusion for image generations. (LibreChat also offers a database that tracks “conversation state” — making it possible to switch to a different AI model in mid-conversation…)

Released under the MIT License, LibreChat has become “an open source success story,” according to this article, representing “the passionate community that’s actively creating an ecosystem of

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