So last month CLIO held its annual conference — wait… I’m pretty sure it was last month  —
*checks CLIO site*
Yes, last month, from Oct. 13-16, CLIO held its annual conference, this year virtually.  Academics could get a $99 pass, so I decided to take advantage of it.  For my money (and no travel expenses), I got 4 days of great programming and materials.  
Every day started with a keynote featuring industry experts. Interestingly, except for the first (from CLIO’s CEO), none were tech-focused.  Similarly, while many sessions focused on using CLIO efficiently, other sessions covered a variety of issues from diversity, to mental health, to design thinking.

Normally, CLIO conferences serve good food.  This year, wellness breaks were offered every day and attendees could choose between a high-powered ab workout or yoga (or, if it was nice, you could skip these and take a walk).  Late afternoon breaks featured live music and

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