“The COVID-19 pandemic is, among other things, a massive experiment in telecommuting.” – Brookings

As articles have been telling us non-stop since March, COVID-19 pressed fast-forward on film that is our lives, and we’ve been watching it all like a blur. For my library, and no doubt many others reading this, selecting and getting the tools off the ground for everyone to begin teleworking was easier than the long-haul of making them part of our new normal that we are still in the midst of. Of course we did not know when selecting platforms for tele-communication just what the ultimate duration of their usage would be. As I sit here typing this I continue to ask myself how long it will last, and as tech-savvy as I used to feel I revisit each and every day the new challenges that the mosaic of virtual workspaces, apps, and workflows relentlessly brings. To

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