This third installment of “Welcome to my Desk” (thanks to Rachel and Deborah for the first two!) doesn’t have any cats in it (I’m sad about it too), but it does have yet another Yeti microphone. Here’s where I’ve been sitting, and occasionally standing and squatting, for the past few months.

First: the home office. It’s not quite a separate room – an unattainable luxury with Bay Area housing prices – but I only sit here when at work and I don’t work anywhere else, which has effectively mitigated the sense of being at work all the time. I retrieved the monitor and keyboard from my actual at-work desk after a couple of weeks of hunching over my laptop; the footrest and webcam are more recent additions that are really helping with the home-office neck-pain blues.

On the ubiquitous IKEA cart (RÅSKOG), I keep the ubiquitous Yeti mic plus pop filter; I’ve

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