Misty staring intensely at cataloging statistics (which we actually label “CatStats”).
In the second installment of our “Welcome to My Desk” posts (major thanks to Deborah Ginsburg for diving in with the first!) I wanted to share the variety of spaces I’ve worked from home in, as well as the space I’m gradually returning to a few days a week in the library. Like Deborah, my last full day in the office before COVID-19 closure was March 13th. Since March 16th when I first set up my initial “home office” space, it has perpetually included a kid, several cats, a mac book pro laptop, and a Yeti USB microphone. I’m sensing a theme here…
The types of glitches that happen in many areas of my home due to hotspotting internet.
But unlike Deborah, I couldn’t stay set up in a single area of my house (not even for 1 of my 148 day

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