Lexis recently upgraded its Lexis Advance legal research platform by tweaking the visual interface and by adding a few substantive tools to its platform. Lexis+ acts more like a quality of life update rather than a revolutionary overhaul, which is a welcome improvement to its current user base but so overwhelming to alienate fans of the older platform.

(For fans of dark mode, Lexis+ has updated their landing page to be sleeker.)
Lexis+ will be a phased and optional roll out for law firms later this fall. Law students automatically receive access to the platform beginning this month. Since Lexis+ will be the first interface for incoming 1Ls, legal research instructors should make some contingencies for somehow still using Lexis Advance as it may be very possible that law students could work with recalcitrant law firms refusing to make the switch.
One new addition to the landing page is the quick tabs on

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