Getting Started on my Desk
On March 12, the local schools closed.  On March 13, I went to the office for a meeting, packed some things, and went home. I’ve been WFH ever since.
The first thing I did when I got home was to arrange my desk for work.  Before it had been used for storing important papers that I would look at someday very soon.  Those are now in a box.  I will look at them very soon.
My desk is in my room, which I know isn’t “best practice.”  If you can, set up your workspace in a separate room.  But I only have so many rooms and my other choices were in my basement, which doesn’t have windows.  Windows are important – they tell me what time of day it is.
There are also two children and 2 cats.  This is important.
When setting up my desk, I had to consider

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