Guest post by Amanda Watson, president of LIT-SIS, Director of the O’Quinn Law Library, and Assistant Professor of Law the University of Houston Law Center. 
It’s official! CS-SIS is now LIT-SIS: Legal Innovation & Technology SIS.
Two years ago, our SIS took a survey to ask members to consider our strategic planning moving forward. Many great ideas were gathered, one being that we should evaluate whether “computing services” was a name that captured our goals as a group. The following year we formed a task force to consider just that.
A survey and tricider were presented to the SIS membership to provide information on the potential rebranding. These are the results:
Response Rate
64 members responded to our survey. 48 members suggested or voted on potential new names.
How well does CS-SIS describe our SIS?
When presented with a slider to value this question from Very Poorly to Very Well:
Very Poor (score of 20 and under): 16

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