Looking for a last-minute holiday gift to give your tech-loving friend or family member? From high-tech to low-tech and even tech-adjacent, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s last year’s list in case you want to expand your options.
From cheapest to most expensive, here are our suggestions:

Danish Dough Whisk, $8.50
iPhone Compatible USB Flash Drive (128GB), $18.38
MOFT X Phone Stand, $19.99
Screen Magnifier for Smartphone, $24.95
Dual Monitor Desk Stand for Vertical Position Screens, $35.99
Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle, $59.95
Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit, $69.95
UV Sanitizer with Wireless Phone Charging, $79,95
Mesh WiFi System, $149.99
Aerogarden, $259.95
Adjustable Height Desk, $279.99
SideTrak Portable Monitor, $299.99
AirPods Max, $549

Thanks to our LIT-SIS Blog Committee members for their suggestions and contributions to this list!

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