Runaway success and underfunding have led to growing pains for the preprint server. From a report: What started in 1989 as an e-mail list for a few dozen string theorists has now grown to a collection of more than two million papers — and the central hub for physicists, astronomers, computer scientists, mathematicians and other researchers. On January 3 the preprint server crossed the milestone with a numerical analysis paper entitled “Affine Iterations and Wrapping Effect: Various Approaches.” (The Library of Alexandria, for comparison, is believed to have contained no more than hundreds of thousands of manuscripts.) “We’re a way for authors to communicate their research results quickly and freely,” says Steinn Sigurdsson, a professor of astrophysics at Pennsylvania State University and arXiv’s scientific director. Unlike traditional scientific journals, arXiv (pronounced “archive” because the “X” represents the Greek letter chi) allows scientists to share research before it has been

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